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Advantages Of A Credit Union Over A Bank
Did you credit unions are non-for-profit institutions? This allows credit unions to turn profits into better loan rates and lower fees for their members.

Credit Unions: Local Service With Big Bank Products
While many banks are national or international brands, credit unions serve a specific geographic area or group of people. Despite this narrowed focus, though, local credit unions can offer many of the same products and financial services as a big bank.

Managing Your Debt Through Consolidation
Though it may seem like an impossible task, there are ways to take control of your debt in order to manage and eliminate it all together. One of the best strategies to consider is debt consolidation.

Share Certificates: A Versatile and High-Yield Savings Tool
Share Certificates are a great way to earn a higher yield if you don't need access to your money for six months or longer. Let’s take a closer look at Share Certificates by addressing some frequently asked questions about these versatile savings tools.

The Hidden Benefits of a Youth Savings Account
Kids learn lots of things in school, but one thing that usually isn’t covered is personal finance. If you're a parent or guardian, it's likely going to be on you to teach your dependents about things like budgeting, saving, and the other basics about handling money.

The Story of Wailuku Federal Credit Union
Wailuku FCU was known as Wailuku Community Federal Credit Union when it opened its doors to central Maui in 1955. But its story began years earlier in the vision of one local businessman: Manuel S. Molina.

Your Credit Score And You
Did you know your credit score can impact more than just your ability to borrow money? Landlords, utility companies and even potential employers may reference your credit score when making important decisions that affect your life.

Additional Resources

Here we provide information from related 3rd party credit union sites that we believe offers valuable and useful information to you.  As always, your feedback or recommendations will be greatly appreciated.

FIND OUT MORE ABOUT CREDIT UNIONS  Credit unions are A Smarter Choice  for financial services.  When you belong to a credit union you’re a member of a not-for-profit financial institution. That means any profits made go back into the credit union in the form of better rates and lower fees for the members, who own and control the credit union. Credit unions offer many – and, in some cases, all – of the same products and services offered by for-profit banks including checking, savings, loans and online banking.

MY CREDIT UNION  is a site that offers lots of good information about credit unions. The more you learn about credit unions, the more you will want to do business with us.  

TRUSTAGE   TruStage insurance, investment products and programs are made available by the companies of CUNA Mutual Group. They’re only available to credit union members. That means you could get discounted rates, financial planning products and services that other financial institutions simply don’t make available.

ANNUAL CREDIT REPORT  If you’d like a free credit report , this is a site set up by Equifax, Experian and Transunion, the big three credit reporting agencies in the United States, to furnish free annual credit reports, as required by federal law.  Please note that there is no charge for the credit report, but there will be a charge to obtain your credit score. 

BALANCE  is a financial education and counseling service committed to helping our members and their families to take control of their finances and reach their goals.  Check out the wealth of information that Balance has to offer.


Need More Checks??  

HARLAND CLARKE  is a company that provides our members with checks, deposit slips and other related products.  Visit their site by clicking on "Need More Checks" above.



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