Other Products & Services

In addition to our great offering of savings (share) accounts and loans, we offer other products and services, many of which are at no cost to you.


Online Services

Virtual Branch (Online Banking)
Virtual Branch is at no cost to you and allows you to access your account information and transfer funds online 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

Mobile Banking
With Mobile Banking, you may access your accounts, conduct transfers, & schedule your Online Bill payments all at the tip of your fingertips!  To use Mobile Banking, you must already be enrolled for Wailuku FCU’s online banking.   Download our app today!

Bill Payment
Bill Payment is at no cost to you and allows you to make payments to those who are not able to debit (deduct from) your account electronically.  This great service replaces the need to write checks and allows you to save on postage.  You can do one-time or recurring payments.  For example, you can use Bill Payment to make your monthly rent payment or monthly donation.  Best of all, it’s free! 

Please note that you must be signed up for Virtual Branch and have a checking (share draft) account in order to use Bill Payment.  You may sign up for Bill Payment by logging into Virtual Branch.

Online Loan Applications
Time is important so apply online for a loan.  It’s fast, easy and secure.  Apply for a loan online.

Credit Insurance
Other Products & Services


Credit Counseling

We offer credit counseling to our members as well as non-members, but if you’re not a member we believe that you’ll realize the value that we provide and will become a member.  Credit counseling is a one-on-one session where we provide you with a free credit report, explain what is a credit report, what is a credit score, what affects your credit score, and if necessary, how to improve your credit score.  I’m sure you will agree that in today’s world, having good credit and learning about credit is very important.  Don’t delay, schedule a credit counseling appointment today!

Payroll Deduction/Direct Deposit

Enrolling in payroll deduction (set amount) or direct deposit (net check) saves you time, and time = money.  Plus, it’s a great way to save as well as to ensure that your loan payments will be made on time.  Enrollment is done with the originator of the funds such as your payroll department, Social Security, etc. but we will be glad to assist you.  The information that will be required to enroll in payroll deduction or direct deposit is the name of the account, your account number, account type (savings or checking) and our routing number which is 321380085.

Notary Services
We offer notary services at no cost to our members.  An acceptable form of identification such as a current driver’s license, state ID card, or passport  is required in addition to the document(s) that you want notarized.  Appointments are recommended to ensure that a Notary Public is available.  Please click here to schedule a notary appointment.

Movie Tickets
As a member, one of the many benefits you’ll be able to enjoy is our discounted movie tickets.   Movie tickets are available for both Consolidated & Regal Theatres. Purchase them in advance to save on your next trip to the movie theatre or give them away as gifts!  Restrictions may apply, please call or email us for more information.


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