Consumer Loans

Personal Loans

Debt consolidation, car repairs, vacation, etc…..  Use a personal loan to pay for these expenses.  It’s easy and it’s fast.  Loan terms up to 5 years at great rates. 

Apply online or in person.

New and Used Auto Loans

Looking to purchase a used or new auto?  We offer great terms.  It’s a good idea to get pre-approved so you know what your monthly payments will be and you will have the peace of mind that your payment will be affordable for you.  Or, if you already have your auto loan with another lender, there's a good chance that our terms are better.  We'd  be happy to refinance your existing loan!

Even if you’re not looking to purchase an auto and own an auto free and clear (not used as collateral for a loan) you may be able to do an auto loan instead of a personal loan.  Since the auto will be used as collateral, your interest rate will likely be lower than a personal loan since there is no collateral for a personal loan.   In general, loans with collateral have lower interest rates than loans without collateral.  

Apply online or in person.  Please click here for an Auto Loan Checklist.

Share (Savings) Secured Loans

If you have savings and require additional funds, but do not want to deplete your savings, a Share (Savings) Secured Loan is an excellent option to consider.  Your shares (savings) will be used as collateral for the loan.  Your shares (savings) must match 100% of your loan balance.  For example, if you would like to do a loan for $5,000, we will place a hold on $5,000 of your shares (savings).  As your loan balance decreases, the amount that is pledged (held) against your loan will also decease and will be available for withdrawal.  Since your shares (savings) will be held as collateral for your loan, your loan request will be automatically approved and you will not have to provide any income or asset documentation and a credit report will not be ordered.  

Apply online or in person

Solar Water Heater Loans

If you are switching from an electric or gas water heater to a solar water heater, or replacing an existing water heater (restrictions apply) we offer loans at 0%.  This offer is made available to you through Hawaii Energy’s Hot Water, Cool Rates program.  Please click here to learn about solar water heating and Hawaii Energy’s Hot Water, Cool Rates program.   

Apply online or in person. Note:  If you apply online, please select "Personal" for the loan type and input "Solar Water Heater" under "Comments".

Photovoltaic Loans

If you are looking to finance the purchase of a photovoltaic system, your monthly payment will be about the same or may even be lower than your electric bill.  Therefore, your cash flow will not decrease while you pay for your loan and you will realize huge savings once your system is paid for.  Help both our environment and your pocketbook by installing a photovoltaic system . . . a win-win situation!

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